no way to make a living is a sociological space about work, generating discussion and exchange on what work, paid or unpaid, is like in today’s world.

We present brief thoughts on the small matters of everyday working lives, and we showcase exciting research projects on work. There’s a place for stories about work – (auto)biographical or fictional, and we have an always-increasing number of useful links to other resources.

We started this because of limitations in the forms of knowledge we can convey in books and journal articles; in other words, the contemporary complexity of work exceeds the dominant forms of sociological representation available to us. The website allows us to post images and sounds, and different kinds of text, from the analytical to the fictional. It permits quickfire exchanges of ideas about current events and works in progress.

And it’s not just for academics. We get lots of sociological inspiration from the work of artists and photographers, journalists and commentators, from films, songs and TV programmes, as well as people going about their everyday routines. So this is a site that is open to everyone, whatever way you making a living.

Lynne Pettinger Dawn Lyon
University of Essex University of Kent
photography by Hersh Mann

photography by Hersh Mann