What can I submit?

no way to make a living welcomes submissions from academics, postgraduate students, artists, photographers, writers and others who in one way or another are interested in understanding work in contemporary society. Submissions may be entirely text-based, but we encourage those which incorporate images and sound files.

There are five types of post:

  1. Posts in the ‘thoughts’ category should be no longer than 400 words/3 images
  2. Posts in the ‘projects’ category should usually be around 1000 words/5 images, but we can accept submissions up to 2,500 with prior agreement. Please feel free to include links to further information about your work, e.g. your homepage, publishers’ or project sites.
  3. ‘Reviews’ – of books, exhibitions, TV programmes, events. These can be up to 800 words.
  4. ‘Resources’ – we welcome further links.
  5. ‘Comments’ – you can post comments directly under existing projects, reviews and thoughts, and respond to comments that have previosuly been posted, to a maximum of 250 words. We reserve the right to edit comments that we consider inappropriate.

How do I send something?

Simply send us your submission in a Word (or other readily accessible) document to dawn@nowaytomakealiving.net or lynne@nowaytomakealiving.net, or using the contact page. We will usually acknowledge receipt of an enquiry within 1 week. We encourage you to run idea past us before submission.

We will post material that we think is interesting, that adds to the body of work on the site, makes a contribution to an ongoing debate, or showcases an original project.

What should my submission look like?

We do not offer any editing or proofreading so please check your work carefully.

Please try to mimic the layout, headings etc. of current posts. Your post will be automatically formatted to match the font style and size.

Please use the Harvard system of referencing (see previous posts for examples).

Please include contact details, photograph (if desired) and a one line biography so readers can get in touch.


Submissions remain in the copyright of the author.

If you are submitting material you do not hold copyright for (e.g. discussing a photograph someone else has taken), you must demonstrate to us that you have permission to use it.

The website is archived by the British Library. By submitting you grant permission for your work to be stored.