On the 13th February, 2011, I photographed my workplace at night, as part of a project on dreams. Sound artist Will Montgomery was with me, recording the university breathing. Click on the presentation to hear how the boiler room hums and the airconditioning units buzz. A silent, dreamless night is an illusion.

The photographs in the presentation are extracts from the two works I made. One, “Every Night The Same” reflected the experience of having the same dream, night after night, and the experience of seeing only a part of a place as big as a university: however long I work there, it’s never graspable. I can capture only a glimpse. What I see is repeated, though not replicated elsewhere, in the straight lines of buildings, and blinds, and crushed cardboard. These images were shot on my Canon F1, 50mm lens using Kodak black and white film, 3200iso at ankle height, 13th Feb 2011.

The second work, “Actual Occasions”, used Impossible Project film for a polaroid camera. Polaroid doesn’t make film for its cameras any more, and so Impossible have tried to work out how. They haven’t quite got it right, and so the photos are unstable, full of light leaks and odd shadows. That suits this project admirably, as the properties of the things that are shot are not stable. “Actual Occasions” is taken from Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy, which seems to me to argue that events and objects are not fixed and immutable but create moments of time and space, which are then experienced by other actual occasions. These other occasions involve a recurrence of experiences, times and spaces. Objects therefore, have something of a life themselves.

A few other images are present in this slideshow, and they’re interspersed with dreams recorded by staff and students at the university. Even the most nightmarish dream sounds funny written down, and it’s not surprising that many dreams are about work.

Thanks to Michael Halewood for the commission and the curation.